About Gibralt

Gibralt Capital Corporation is a Vancouver, Canada based alternative asset manager. Gibralt focuses on investments that span the globe, but with a specific presence in North America.

Gibralt’s investments include private equity, real estate, public market securities, and credit-oriented funds. Gibralt’s opportunistic strategy targets attractive absolute returns. These strategies may exhibit short term volatility, exposure to a less liquid set of investments and varying correlation to equity, credit and interest rate markets. They also may exhibit a higher degree of manager concentration relative to broadly diversified strategies in order to emphasize particularly attractive current market opportunities.

Advantages for Partners with Gibralt Capital:

  • Agile investment decision process;
  • Execution experience – even in challenging markets – due to Gibralt’s access to financing & syndication; and
  • Strong relationships with corporations, governments, and high net worth investors, all to provide maximum return to business stakeholders.